Flying in comfort

ImageFlying used to be part of the holiday, something exciting to look forward to and out of the ordinary – even vaguely dangerous.  With the introduction of budget airlines, starting with Freddie Lakers ill fated Skyline in the seventies, flying has become mainstream and many people treat it just like catching a bus.  You can see this in the many reality tv shows following the lives of airlines such as easyjet.

For a change we decided to use Air France for our flight from Malta to France, mainly because there was no difference in price and the offered arrival airport was more convenient.

The revelation is that Air France still operate the “old fashioned” way.  That is to say, we had allocated seats, therefore avoiding the scramble for seats seen with the other budget airlines, they still provide an on-board snack and drink, included in the price and allow generous luggage to be carried without being charged extra. Booking is also very simple – you simply book a flight, without having to wade through various optional extras, that all cost money and often aren’t really optional!

In short, we actually enjoyed the experience and the flight was over before we had a chance to think about it.

I can only recommend that the next time you are planning a trip by air, make sure you take a look at the non “budget” airlines as well.  You might be surprised at how competitive they are.

Happy flying!!


2 thoughts on “Flying in comfort

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